The Most Popular Alcohol Brands Endorsed By Male Celebrities (Part 1)

male celebrity endorsed drinks you gotta try
If you're a celebrity, your name is probably on one of these popular alcohol brands. Who would have thought that the biggest celebrities in the world are also involved in the business of booze?
And it's no surprise they all love to drink. The most famous alcohol brands from celebrities range from tequila to vodka and everything in between. So grab a glass for this week's blog post!

1. Haig Club - David Beckham

David Beckham Haig Club
David Beckham is the face of Haig Whisky, one of the world's oldest whiskies. Haig Club is a smooth, easy-to-drink Scotch whiskey geared squarely at introducing a new generation to the great world of Scotch whisky. It's silky, classy, and fashionable.
In a glass, it's modern Scotland!

2. Luc Belaire - Rick Ross

rick ross belaire rose
Rappers and alcohol have a long-standing relationship. Many rappers have revealed that they are admirers of various alcoholic beverages, and Rick Ross has chosen to support Luc Belaire.
Since 2013, the rapper behind hits like 'Aston Martin Music' and 'Diced Pineapples,' to name a few, has been a fan of the sparkling wine. Rick Ross gives the sparkling champagne to friends and family on a regular basis, and it can always be seen in his music videos and interviews.

3. 19 Crimes Red Wine - Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg 19 crimes wine
Since being discovered by Dr. Dre in the early 1990s, West Coast rap artist Snoop Dogg has come a long way. Snoop Dogg has ventured into many business avenues!
You can't find Snoop Dogg line of marijuana in the UK, but you can find his special 19 Crimes Red Wine range on our website. 9 Crimes Cali Red Wine is a pleasant and easy-to-drink red wine.
Try it now and you won't be disappointed. This wine was produced from California grapes to pay respect to musician Snoop Dogg's homeland, and it's a rich and thick drink with powerful British summer fruit flavours.

4. McQueen and The Violet Fog Gin - Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa mcqueen and the fog
Wiz Khalifa showcases a bottle of McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin in many of his stories and posts on Instagram. It is no surprise that he is a huge fan!
Every taste of McQueen and the Violet Fog reveals something new: heat, spice, juniper, herbaceous, citrus, and floral flavours, all the gin touchstones, wonderfully balanced. 

5. Aviation American Gin - Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds aviation gin
"I've tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don't recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one." – Ryan Reynolds, Co-Owner.
Aviation American Gin is crafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon. Based on a ‘Botanical Democracy’ Aviation Gin has a blend of Juniper, Cardamom, French Lavender, Indian Sarsaparilla, Coriander, Anise seed and two kinds of orange peel. Founded by the first distiller-bartender partnership in the industry, Aviation combines distilling expertise and a passion for outstanding cocktails.
It is designed to be softer and smoother than London Dry, with juniper in the back and citrus and floral notes in the front for a balanced medley of botanicals taking flavour to new heights.⁣
We sell all of these icon drinks! Have a look at our range below.

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