Freshers! How to start off your first few weeks at University


FRESHERS! Such an exciting experience to kick start your university experience.

It's that time of year again, where freshers are heading off to university for the first time. You're most likely feeling excited but also a little nervous about what is to come. There will be many new experiences waiting for you, including drinking alcohol! It can seem overwhelming at first, so we have put together some top tips on how to drink responsibly in fresher's week.


1. Drink Responsibly!

The last thing you want is to be head first in a bush because you tried to outdrink your flatmates.


2. Make sure to eat something before going out.

Food helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol and stops it from going straight to your head too quickly. Now is the moment to put your student's culinary skills to the test. Carbohydrates or protein, such as pasta, potatoes, or chicken, are good to eat before or after a night of drinking. They'll keep you satisfied, and the steady release of energy will help you keep going. You'll also be more tempted to skip that late-night kebab or chips.


3. Try not to drink too quickly, or too early.

You're much more likely to miss out on the proper night if you drink too much, too early. There's nothing wrong with delaying your first drink till you're out — mocktails are an excellent way to start the night. However, if you and your new housemates have already consumed any pre-drinks, replace them with water or soft drinks to stay hydrated for the night ahead.


4. Find out how you are getting back home!

When you're in a new place, it's easy to get lost!  If you're going to drink, plan your travel when you're sober so you have a better chance of getting home quickly and safely. Set a reminder on your phone if there is a final train/bus so you don't get distracted. Before you board, find out where the buses stop and whether you'll need a ticket. Or, download the Uber app or local taxi app so that you can book it as soon as you are ready to get back to bed!


5. Set yourself a spending limit.

Have you ever dreaded opening up your mobile banking account the morning after a night out? When you know your student debt has to last, the last thing you want to wake up to is that. Why not leave your credit card at home and simply bring as much cash as you need. Make sure you have some extra cash in a different pocket for travelling home safely. Or you can open up a backup account with Monzo and Revolut banking so that you can only spend the amount on that account, instead of constantly transferring over money from savings!


6. No man left behind.

Make sure you leave the pub or club as a group or in pairs. If someone has vanished, don't assume they've pulled; instead, find out for sure. Make sure no one is left behind.   So keep a friend with you and don't linger too long at the end of the night.


In conclusion...

Drinking responsibly and with consideration, while having fun is the best way to stay healthy during your freshers week. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day so that alcohol doesn't dehydrate you too much! Remember to enjoy yourself but be safe - we want everyone back in one piece on Monday morning for your zoom lectures!


Stay tuned for the best University Punch Party ideas!


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