Cocktails, Sun and Safety |

Cocktails, Sun and Safety |

As the Government restrictions are beginning to ease and bars, restaurants and pubs are opening. Still, a lot of us are finding ourselves feeling very uneasy about venturing out of the house into these environments. aim to provide a step by step guide of how you can experiment with different drinks and cocktails in the comfort of your own home to enjoy a summer filled with Cocktails, Sun and Safety.

We provide recipe cards, blog posts and YouTube videos with different cocktail making inspirations and recipes which you can follow.

Step 1

The most important ingredient to those perfect summer evenings is company. If the last few months have taught us anything it is that Family, Friends and the people around us are the most important ingredient to enjoy any night in. 


Step 2

Once you have decided which of your friends and family would be the best people to channel your inner bartender with, collect all the alcohol you would like to get create with, this can consist of any of your favourite Spirits, Champagne, Prosecco or Liqueurs.

Making cocktails is hugely dependent upon your own personal preferences and taste so you can be as create as you want with the ingredients.


Step 3 

Look to gather all those mixers you have in your cupboards. There is a misconception that cocktail making is complicated when so many of us already have the ingredients in our house.

Look for fruit juices, tonic waters, fizzy drinks, sugar, and syrups. At this stage we can add as much as we would like to our cocktails, almost everything can be substituted so don’t worry if you see something on a recipe that you don’t have at home!


Step 4 

Look for any fruit you have in your house. This can be fresh fruit or frozen, both provide the same great fruity taste to your cocktails. The fruit garnish can either be blended into your cocktails in a shaker or blender or can used as decoration on the side of the glass of top of the drink.


Step 5 

Grab some ice and get creative with all the alcohol and mixers you have laid out. This can either be inspired by the recipes you see online or can be totally influenced by you and your creativity. At this stage I would recommend visiting our cocktail recipes included in the blog section of our website, here you will find all of the measurements and ingredients which can be tried and tested based on your taste. Mix, shake and pour until you are satisfied with the delicious summer taste you have created!


Step 6

Enjoy, Relax and Drink responsibly! 

Recreating the bar experience in your own home brings many benefits. The ability to add as much or as little of each ingredient as you would like is a luxury we do not have the opportunity to benefiting from when we are paying per shot. Cocktail making at home is also the opportunity for you and your loved ones to get creative and incorporate a fun activity into your much missed drinking plans.

There are no queues for the bathrooms and no dressing up necessary!

Read our other blogs and visit our YouTube channel for more amazing cocktail inspiration.

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