Cocktails based on your Horoscope Zodiac Star Sign!

Cocktails based on your Horoscope Zodiac Star Sign!

The stars have aligned and the time has come to take your drink order! What's in store for you today? Maybe a little bit of fortune, or maybe a whole lot of love.

But whatever it is, we know what you need: Horoscope theme drinks!

Aquarius: SHOTS! You love to have fun, and what's more fun than shots?

Pisces: Glass of Red (or White) Wine! Everyone loves a Pisces, and you can't go wrong with a glass of wine!

Aries: Bloody Mary! To match your tangy, spicy, fire like personality!

Taurus: Vodka Redbull! You are indecisive AF, so just get a Vodka Redbull to be safe.

Gemini: Strawberry Daiquiri! Just like Taurus, you change your mind within a matter of seconds, so just go with the fun and fruity option. 

Cancer: Long Island Ice Tea! You need this drink, STRONG for your emotional self. Also therapy, that's what you need.

Leo: Mimosa! A bright coloured drink for a dramatic Leo, plus it's a pretty drink to match your personality.

Virgo: Pina Colada! For a flirty, fun Virgo with a sweet tooth!

Libra: Gin and Tonic! The perfect combo for the balanced Libra, or you could have a pint of water since you are so responsible.

Scorpio: Pornstar Martini! Cheeky, confident, fun-loving scorpios with a sweet tooth.

Sagittarius: Cosmopolitan! Dynamic drink for our free and independent Sagittarius drinkers.

Capricorn: Whiskey Sour! Mature and wise, you have many stories to tell.

So, you’ve finally decided on your horoscope cocktail based on your star sign! We're so happy for you. These drinks are perfect for any time of day or night and will make sure that everyone is feeling their best (even if they don't believe in the stars).

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